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Sir Cut Breaker

Rollin Cash

DJ Soy


MC Versityle

"the faderpilots are a funky breaks crew that incorporates dope scratching and turntablist tricks into their set, they will also being doing more hiphop oriented turntablist trick sets in the future. the faderpilots consist of , at the moment 3 djs and 1 mc, two of the djs, sircut breaker and dj soy are turntablists, there is also rollin ca$h. we also incorporate mcing into funky breaks, as we have the dope styles of mc versityle at our disposal. my philosophy of djing is to incorporate dope scratching and tricks(drumming, juggles etc) into a phat set of tracks to hype the dancing experience. it's not about how technical we can get but creating a sound which will make people freak their booty's all night long. we are constantly growing as a crew, as we have new members who's skills are being honed( autobot) we are into the whole creative aspects of our crew creating a visual counterpart to our audio stylings. The faderpilots are part of a larger creative coalition called the audiovisual crew, Av crew. We create dope burns and characters influenced by the graffiti artform which express our syle visually to compliment our audio stylings. well i think thats all the info."


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